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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Go Fish

Last night, The Chef made an impromptu reservation at Black Salt Fish Market & Restaurant on MacArthur Blvd. in Palisades. We went there for my birthday in April, and that experience definitely warrented a return--many returns, actually. Owner Jeff Black also owns Addie's, Blacks Bar & Kitchen, & Black Market Bistro. (They have no Web sites, by the way.) Be sure to make a reservation (202-342-9101); The Chef called at 7 and got a reservation for 8:30, so it isn't always difficult, but without a reservation, you will be seated in the bar area, which is nice, but the back rooms are nicer.

We started at the bar with a mojito for The Chef (adorned with a stick of rock candy and quite excellent) and a DC Cooler for me (combo of ameretto, cranberry, vodka, and something else). Once seated, The Chef had another mojito, and I had a lemon lime drop (sssstrong!!).

To start, we shared French mussels (with sorrel, Pernod, aioli, and fennel), and a 1/2 ounce of Copper River Salmon Roe with the traditional condiments. Silly me, I didn't realize the mussels would be in a cream sauce (I guess the "French" shoulda clued me in), so certainly not low-cal, but definitely high-flavor. The Chef had an over-the-top clam chowder with fried Ipswich clams and fresh sea clams. Their breads, all made in-house, are excellent.

Click on image for vineyardTo accompany our bottle of red wine, The Chef had Maine diver scallops with crawfish butter, whipped pototoes, and bacon braised collards. I am allergic to scallops, so he got those all to himself. I had an Alaskan halibut with Kennett Square mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, and asparagus, all atop a sweet corn sauce. Beautiful presentation all around, and scrump-diddly-umptious food.

If you ever go to a restaurant with The Chef, be prepared to run into a LOT of people he knows. 23+ years in the DC restaurant industry, ya know...

We were far too full for dessert, but Pastry Chef Susan Wallace makes some outrageous treats: key lime pie with blueberry compote, butterscotch pot de creme, chocolate peanut butter crunch cake, and many more.
Five Sporks!!

WebCowGirl is going tonight, so hopefully she will post her review tomorrow.

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