Miss Penny Lane

I always tell the girls, never take it seriously.
If ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt.
Ya never get hurt, ya always have fun...
And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.

Monday, June 29, 2009

fashion police woman: tourist edition

i could spend all my time taking pics of and writing posts about the fashion faux pas regularly committed by tourists: the tube socks pulled up to the mid-calf; the huge fanny packs (which seem to be worn in the front, so "fanny pack" is a misnomer); an FBI/CIA/Witness Protection Program sweatshirt; the bright orange DC Ducks day-pass chest stickers long after their tour ended, etc. i have thus far kept my mouth shut, but this was just one i couldn't resist.

on first glance, there's not a lot negative about the image. but on further

ok, #1: this dude has one hand that's out of commission, but with with his free hand, he's carrying the ginormous, heavy bag that the girlfriend decided needed to be schlepped around town. so, that bothered me. but that's not really a fashion faux pas; that's more of an example of a total bitch being lazy and making her boyfriend look like a wuss. (maybe the weight of the purse was hurting her cankles?)

#2: as i passed by the lovely couple (slow, slow walkers-- another total tourist thing), i noticed that the girl had on pantyhose. i know you can't see 'em, but trust me! oh, and this is the kicker: i never would have noticed that she had on pantyhose if it werent for the run all the way up the side of her left leg. i can't think anything to say after that. sorry...