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I always tell the girls, never take it seriously.
If ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt.
Ya never get hurt, ya always have fun...
And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.

Friday, March 11, 2011

one born every minute

(started 2/15. edited/posted 3/12)

i feel obligated to watch the show, but really wish they would omit the teenage element; MTV has cornered that market, and i just doesn't have the patience for "kids these days" having babies when the most important thing to them is constant texting while the frigging doctor is talking to her about what's going on in her vagina. barf. she's barely 17 yrs old, same with the father. they were dating 4 months before she got knocked up. reckless. simply reckless.

okay, now i feel like the cynical bitch that i am because, well, the 17 year old girl's story ended up being really nice. i'm glad they showed her story (foot in mouth) because she has a very supportive and realistic family around her. the teen's mom said "just because you're not 18 doesn't mean you can't be a great mom." and that's very true--IF and IF you have the support of your immediate family, which she did. to a degree i've never heard of. i mean, not creepy, like the kid is being raised as the mom's sister.

ew! i JUST remembered. there were absolutely no to-term pregnancies at my high school. i'm sure there were lots of pregnancies no one heard of (or some of us did), but nothing to term during the four years before me when my brothers were there or during the four years i was there. until....until i was a senior. then there were TWO pregnancies! one of a freshman girl, one of a junior. FRESHMAN! and her family decided she'd have the baby and that the grandmother (the teen's mom) would raise the baby as her own kid, and maybe they'll the kid the truth later. wow. that sounds healthy... and also like a plan that wouldn't work so well since even i knew about it, and i hardly knew the chick. there were 2,000 kids in my high school. rumors linger... it's been 20+ years now...wonder how they're doing?

anyway, back to this show...when i have more energy to keep talking.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


if ya know me, ya know i lumme my sugar. especially in the form of seasonal candy. right now is an unusually long stretch between valentine's day and easter, so the stores have been stocked with jelly beans for almost a month already, with 6 WEEKS still to go until easter! jackpot. we all shoulda invested in Peeps or something this year. anyway, back to me. so, jelly beans are my thing. they're the perfect texture, you're supposed to chew 'em (unlike hard candies, which are not meant to be chewed, but i can't help myself...), and the flavor options are endless (especially if you're at a Jelly Belly vendor). i love Jelly Bellys, but i love straight up, CVS-brand, Easter-style, pectin Jelly Beans. they're available all year long now--the standard jelly bean. but then. oh then....

before the sun can even rise on february 15th, the shelves are suddenly stripped of conversation hearts and any sign of cupid, and are swiftly filled with the most colorful bags upon bags of seasonal-only jelly beans. get this: starburst jelly beans! yeah! and jolly rancher. no joke!! and lifesavers!! oh, and smuckers (but they're hard to find). there are others that are all worth trying, but my hands-down favorite is: SweetTTarts jelly beans. i've been known to eat an entire bag. by myself. in an embarrassingly small period of, sigh...i had to hold myself back so i'd have some for the movie the other night b/c i ate so many of them during the damn previews alone. and this was right after a huge meal. it's a problem. a huge problem. always has been, but now it is worse. and the suffering is prolonged because of this crazy 2 month span between valentine's day and easter.

this problem might not be a joke, though, because i clearly eat a ridiculous amount of sugar, but i have an otherwise really healthy diet. i had a doctor's appt. they had me drink some red stuff, wait around for an hour, and then took my blood to check for gestational diabetes. well, CRAP! a girl's gotta have her sugar. but now they're gonna think i'm trying to kill my baby--it's blood probably runs thick with sugar. then again, it's heart beat is damn strong. SUGAR!

help me stop. easter come soon!!!! then i go back to Good n Plenty, and that's better. or, at least, the boxes are smaller....

i'll let you know if the doctor comes back and tells me i'm giving birth to a jelly bean--a black
licorice jelly bean. (i might have some 'splainin' ta do....)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

oh, and by the way...

that "eating for two" thing is crap. i'm really only supposed to add 300 calories per day (that's like a PowerBar). the good thing is that alcohol + mixers was probably 1,000 calories per day of my prepregnancy diet, so i've actually got a lot more than 300 to play with just to maintain my weight...but i'm trying to do it healthfully.

so, forgo the tagalongs (sigh) and go for the very scrump-diddly-umptious more natural snack? guess what i ended up doing? well, either way, i added some cottage cheese to the mix, and mmmmm, mmmmm....
(see-through shirt, anyone? check out those knockers!)