Miss Penny Lane

I always tell the girls, never take it seriously.
If ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt.
Ya never get hurt, ya always have fun...
And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

me likey...

...the state farm commercial with the young girl (maybe 7 yrs) who asks her dad to borrow the car so she can go to the movies with her friends "kathy and dylan..." "yes, dad; dylan." love it!!

unless you're ridiculously clueless, you know within the first 5 seconds of this spot that the well-spoken, cute, young lass we see asking for the car keys is merely representing how her father still sees his now adolescent daughter who (yikes) has her license.

regardless of the cliches and obviousness of the ad, me likey. well done...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still in bed together...

ah, bravo and nbc, it's the affair to remember. although you make a super-cute couple, and i like that you cover so beautifully for one another (i.e., i can see repeats of NBC shows on Bravo), the cross-marketing is getting ridiculous. and don't even start me on the product placement.

just as reported in summertime lovers, the networks are once again hot and heavy this season. both the biggest loser and top chef had super bowl challenges this week. funny, because the super bowl was no where near happening when these episodes were filmed; top chef-testants are wearing shorts and t's as they run around nyc, so we know it ain't anytime recently. oh....wait a second. hmmmm... the super bowl is on NBC, right? and the super bowl is THIS sunday, right?! aw, how cute is that? nbc and bravo are such a supportive couple!

so, there's THAT -- the blatant plug for the networks' other shows -- but are they for reals with the product placement???? it's enough that they go over the top about the Glad products, and the Kenmore kitchen, and the Quaker oats, and the Domino sugar, etc, but tom callicio can't be proud of the forced use of DIET DR. PEPPER in a challenge. i love me some DDP, but i don't COOK with it. i don't cook with Velveeta or SPAM, either! are they trying to find the next TOP CHEF, or the next racheal ray?? [excuse me while i vomit] or maybe just the next advertiser. sigh.

biggest loser: each week is now TWO hours. not only b/c they can't find a good show to fill the 9 - 10 spot on tuesdays, but b/c they fluff the shows up with so much damn product placement that they need an extra hour! all that time Bob or Jillian spends going over how to make a healthy meal, it is only for the purposes of product placement. they never used to do this and, although the tips are helpful, the networks need not add another 60 minutes-worth of this show. 24 hour fitness; gatorade; glad; jell-o; fiber one; kraft; etc. I GET IT!!!! oh, and the "celebrity chef," curtis stone? i am aware that he has a show on TLC, but the history of this love affair has made me very paranoid about the alterior motives involved here. is curty getting a show on Bravo? or, is bravo owned by TLC/discovery? no.... so, is this an innocent relationship, or is there something sordid going on with mr. stone and nbc/bravo?

i'm shocked that the various versions of real housewives doesn't place products yet. it can be like the truman show. all of a sudden, in the midst of one of their cat fights, one of them can turn her huge plastic head to the camera and hold up a box of Glad products. or her BlackBerry. oooo, or her Valium!! maybe nbc and bravo are having an affair with Roche labs. tsk; nbc and bravo are such swingers, i swear!!

baby food pudding

i was talking to Sissy #2 about what i made for dinner. my random concoction was so delicious that i just wrote the recipe down lest i forget an important step/component. anyway, the main ingredient is butternut squash.

Sissy said "yum" and i reminded her of
how she ate bottles of baby food squash mixed with plain yogurt until she was FIFTEEN! she said "that's so embarrassing," so i said "not really. i remember buying baby food pudding in junior high school." Sissy said "why was that any better than regular pudding?"

i was stumped for a minute. was it price that took me to the baby food aisle? no...hmm. AH! it's just that packaged puddings existed only in powder form when i was in junior high school. there were no unrefrigerated, ready-to-eat, perfect servings in plastic cups hanging from the wall in aisle 5 (maybe that's why we didn't have so many fat kids back then), so buying a jar of baby pudding was the only way to get a quick fix at lunchtime.

oh, unless you ate at the cafeteria and got your pud'n on there, but only nerds ate at school. (regardless, always remember to be nice to your lunch ladies.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

tonight's random thoughts...

...kurt and i froze our asses off down on the National Mall for today's concert / event: (love love love), U2, mary j blige, john legend, queen latifa, springsteen, mellencamp (COUGAR!!!), stevie wonder, james taylor, usher, tom hanks, rosario dawson, george lopez, steve carell, jack black, sheryl crow, pete seger, etc. OH! lest us not forget the fact that biden and obama both spoke. oh god, that was so hot. over the past 19 yrs i've been involved in several events that culminated on the Mall: never have i seen so many people there, let alone in any one place at a time. i will post pics ASAP.

quick shout out to the city for how amazingly organized things were down there, and for everyone's patience in traffic, lines, and set-backs. it was cold as shit, but how amazing to see what we saw!

this just in:
my college roommates/friends and i used to convince one another to skip class so we could hang out/party/watch TV/sleep/gorge on food, whathaveyou... we had a series of questions that we would ask in order to entice one another to stay home. "how many times have you missed [this class]?" "what's your grade so far?" "do you know anyone in the class?" "can s/he give you notes?," etc.

i learned yesterday that i once convinced elaine to stay home from the library (this is pre-internets and pre-PCs in the dorm) by offering to write the paper she had due the next day. i wrote the paper in all of 1/2 hour. a couple days later, elaine's professor called her aside after class to hand her back the paper (complete with an A+), and to wage a full-on campaign to try to get elaine to change her major to English!! based on that paper!! maybe elaine coulda told me this back then so i wouldn't have wasted the past 20 yrs, but i'm just excited to be able to tell my mom that at least SOMEONE got an A+ using my work.


i feel as tho i am part of something BIG!! it started last sunday with fenty and obama bumping chests and patting shoulders outside of ben's chili bowl: that's our PRESIDENT! he's a homeboy! fucking priceless....


a pink good n plenty, 1/2 of a rolds gold, and a small spiced gum drop (preferably purple/black or white in color) make a surprisingly lovely combination.

see you on the flip side!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tamra from "real housewives: oc" is a huge asshole.

what kind of person treats another (supposed "friend") the way that tamra just treated gretchen? on top of it, while knowing full-well that her scheme to get gretchen wasted and set her up to fail is being taped for broadcast! on top of THAT, she told the other women that she was getting gretchen wasted on purpose. what kind of women sit around and let that happen? that's just disgusting. absolutely disgusting, a new low in life, not just TV. humanity! what women would do this??

this show was fun in the beginning when there was no pecking order and no introduction of "cast members" just to shake things up. this show went from being a bird's eye view into the excess lifestyles of these mostly hard-working ladies and their strong friendships, to a SHOW about too many rich, tan, drunk, catty, plastic, slutty, bitchy, inappropriately dressed, pre-menopausal douchebags. it's like an old-hag version of "the real world." and not when "the real world" was in nyc (the first time), or even san francisco (RIP to my friend, pedro), but when it became a SHOW. these women are nothing like who they were when Bravo aired
a 6 episode mini-series. it seems as though everyone "on the show" forgot that they were dealing with real people. this is not "gilligan's island." i can't image being around people who hated me as much as these women hate one another.

but enough. enough. i swear it; i am done with this show forever. sorry, bravo, but these ladies are an embarrassment to women everywhere.